Located a couple of kilometres north-east of  San Damiano d’Asti, the hamlet of Lavezzole is the heart of the Terre Alfieri region, gentle alluvial plains located on the left bank of the Tanaro, on the border between Monferrato Astigiano and Roero, in the province of Asti.

San Damiano is a lovely roman town (with more than 8,000 inhabitants), situated in a really fertile area, probably already inhabited by the celts since prehistoric times.

This alluvial plain, created by sediments of soil and clay dating back to the late miocene (5.7 million years), was rimodeled by the action of the Tanaro: it is a gentle land that favoured different cultivations, over the millennia and the centuries. Vines, of course, but also fruits, cereals,  vegetables and important farm animals (silkworms and chickens).

Casa Buffetto is located on a panoramic hill, between the Borbore and Rio Gravina, approximately 250 metres above sea level, dominating the plain below,  characterised by the most popular cultivations: poplars, corn and cereal fields.

The special composition of these soils (sandy clay) helps to grow grapes that are used to produced fine wines: this is the realm of Nebbiolo, even more than the Langhe and Roero.